Is there really such a thing called “luck”? Do you feel that you are a lucky person in most situations, or are you someone who feels that luck just never seems to find you? Regardless of how you feel about the word “luck”, I would challenge you to think about it in a different way. Is it really luck, or is it the way you plan in advance for the opportunity that presents itself to you?

Luck, in many cases, is when planning meets opportunity. Even in those instances when people say “You are so lucky”, is it truly luck, or was it just that you had the opportunity to be in the right place at the right time (or not in that place at all in the wrong time). Was it luck or God’s blessing upon your life? Was it luck or you being properly prepared for the situation when it presented itself? Maybe you remembered something from a self defense class at just the right moment. Maybe because you took the defensive driving course, you knew exactly what to do when you car went out of control. Maybe because you did your yearly check up on time, your doctor was able to catch the illness early enough, and now you are free of the illness all together. Or maybe it was God blessing you with his Grace and/or Mercy that saw you through.

Luck, in my opinion is all relative. People who feel that nothing goes their way, typically have the feeling that they are simply unlucky by nature…and people who feel that everything goes their way, typically feel more lucky. As they say, what you think about, you bring about! “Lucky” people seem to somehow, be able to look at things differently and typically believe with all their heart that a way will be made out of no way.

So, is it really “luck”, or something else? You decide. But as you are making your decision, keep in mind “The 6 P’s”- -Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Live Victorious!

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