Are you trying to become successful by CHOICE or by CHANCE? So many people have great goals and aspirations for their lives, however, when it comes down to the ACTION that needs to go behind the desire; many people fall short. Why is that? Why do we want success, but we want the easy way to it? Of course, SUCCESS can mean different things to different people. Success could mean Financial Stability to some or it could be about having strong Relationships to others. It could also be about someone’s Spiritual journey, Educational accomplishments or Fame, Status or Title…just to name a few. Regardless of what success means to you, why do so many people choose to settle for average and take the easy way out? Why do we want the PAYOFF without the PREPARATION? The RAISE without the possible REJECTION? The SUCCESS without the SWEAT? Or the FUNDS without stepping out on the FAITH we need to get it done? Everyone’s answers and reasons are different, but the point still remains…Is it by CHOICE or is it by CHANCE that you will reach YOUR true level of SUCCESS?

Whatever you do- DON’T take your success lightly. Don’t take a “gamble” and treat it like playing the lottery, roulette or throwing dice on a craps table. Make a CHOICE TODAY that you are going to put dedicated and consistent action behind your desire for SUCCESS. Why? Because when something is GIVEN to you (like a car, a degree, a lot of money, etc) it doesn’t mean nearly as much to you as it does when you have WORKED for it! Put in the WORK and your SUCCESS will be right around the corner!

Live Victorious!

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