The wealthiest place in the world is the cemetery. There lie buried companies, inventions & best-selling books that were NEVER created. In the cemetery is buried the greatest treasure of untapped potential. There is a treasure in you that must come out. It is your potential. Don’t go to the grave WITH YOUR TRESURE STILL WITHIN YOU. – Dr Myles Munroe

The enemy is busy trying to keep you from your treasure. Don’t give in & don’t give up. If you are not living up to your potential & there is more that you can offer to the world…then you know it, and feel it deep down inside. What are you going to do about it? Don’t you hear that voice speaking to you and yearning for you to do more? Why are you ignoring it? That “voice” inside me is why I decided to do 5LINX. I’m not doing 5LINX just to help people save and make money. I am doing 5LINX because it is a vehicle…a way for me to bring in additional income (on my own time) without working a part time j.o.b. (just over broke). A j.o.b. may be the very thing that is keeping you from your dreams and your potential; because you don’t have the time, energy or even finances to do what you TRULY want to do…or to discover your TRUE PURPOSE.

Because I chose to diversify my income, it is allowing me to have the money to finance my dreams and my potential! The finances to make sure that my treasure won’t die with me. When money as an issue is out of the way, THEN what would be your next excuse? Hopefully you won’t have one. So whatever you do, listen to that voice inside you that desires more, and do something about it. If not this WHAT? If not you, WHO? If not now, then WHEN would be the right time to make a change? It’s YOUR life, and the choice is yours. Do WHATEVER it takes to make sure your treasure doesn’t die with you. The rest of us are waiting to be blessed by what it is that YOU have to offer!

Live Victorious!

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