Are there areas where you need clarity? Are you procrastinating because you don’t have a clear vision or direction? Whatever your dilemma may be, the following questions could clarify your agenda. Use these questions to guide you towards not only a clearer vision, but also towards action:

1. What about your vision is unclear right now?
Pinpoint exactly what needs clarity. Don’t get distracted by the big picture. Instead, take a step by step view of the situation and ask yourself, “Where am I lacking clarity and direction the most?”

2. What could I do right now to give me a clear mind and a fresh new perspective?
Wanting clarity is one thing, but forcing your mind to come up with a clear vision at a moment’s notice may be another. Sometimes you need to step away, give it time, or do something else for awhile. Don’t procrastinate, but instead…start doing some research to get ideas that develop you vision, or go for a walk/jog to quite your mind and allow new thoughts to arise. Do whatever you can to get your creative thoughts flowing if you ever feel lost or stuck.

3. Determine exactly what it is that you are aiming for?
Once you’ve cleared your mind and determined your vision, now’s the time to get clear about what you’re aiming for. Write it down. Paint a vivid picture. Create a Vision Board (example of one above) and put it in a visible place in your home so you can have a constant reminder of the end result. This vision will get you back on track when you find yourself going off course. It helps you to “keep the main thing, the main thing.”

4. Who do you need in your corner to help you get there?
Identify the people (or even things) that will help you get where you are trying to go. Seek advice. Connect with those people who have already met your goal and get insight/information from them on how they got there. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

5. ACTION…What’s your next step?
Knowing where you’re going without taking action gets you nowhere. You need to start taking steps and moving in the right direction. Identify your next step and then…take it!

Live Victorious!

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