lenoraLenora Hughes is a Certified Success and Business Coach, also known as the “Affordable Success and Career Coach”. She is passionate about helping professional men and women realize what they want out of life by assisting them in putting processes in place now, so they can live the life of their dreams in the future. Having spent more than 12 years in the HR field of recruiting, training and development; Lenora gains genuine enjoyment by working with people and helping them achieve their goals. She has facilitated various tele-seminars including “What About Me? 4 Women” (also known as “W.A.M. 4 Women”), and has been showcased on various radio shows including “Leadership Lessons- Female Executive and Entrepreneurs”.

Lenora also hosted her own internet radio show called “The Entrepreneur Xhange” on blogtalkradio.com. That show featured new and established entrepreneurs and allowed them the opportunity to showcase their businesses and share valuable insight and inspiration with aspiring entrepreneurs. She’s now the host of “The Millionaire Mindset”; a call that’s purpose is to bring people with Millionaire Minds together in a positive and productive environment, as they move their lives from where they are to where they want to be!

In addition to everything else, Lenora decided to add “Telecommunications Broker” to her arsenal as another way to diversify her income. Her goal is to help as many people as she can by saving them money in this tough economy; and by building a strong network of motivated people who are working on one accord and are ready to “migrate” their lives from where they are, to where they want to be.

Lenora also holds a B.S. in Psychology and a B.S. in Rehabilitative Services from Virginia Commonwealth University and received her Coaching Certification from Coach Training Alliance.

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