Testimonials about Lenora…

“Thank you for giving me the opportunity to participate in the What About Me For Women call. It was very helpful and encouraging in many ways for me. I appreciate the one on one laser sessions we had too. The three most important things I will remember are: don’t lose sight of my goals, write down my action plan to achieve my goals and take out time for myself to prevent becoming overwhelmed with responsibilities. Once again, thanks so much! I wish you much success and God’s blessings in your business!” – L. Ward (Government Analyst)

“Thank you so much for coaching me and assisting me with my goals and day to day issues! I appreciate you!”
— Jan O. (Contracting Consultant)

“Participating in the W.A.M. 4 Women calls helped me figure out why I wasn’t succeeding in my business! Now I have clear goals, strategies to help me reach my goals, and more enthusiasm for what I do!!!!! It was awesome to be able to connect with other women, who, like me, feel they have little time for themselves! I am so thankful for Lenora and the other women who were on the call!!!!!”
— Chantel (Network Marketing Consultant)

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