2009 is coming to an end, and as I sit back and think about all that has happened…both good and bad…I realize that all in all, 2009 was a year of growth for me, as it probably has been for many of you. With each new experience and every new challenge, we not only gain insight and skills, but we also grow stronger. No matter what happens to us, only we can determine how we react to it. Will we let it frustrate us, upset us or make us bitter…or will we learn from the experience, grow and make sure we don’t repeat it again…especially if it’s something that is within our control. We all should be thankful for each and every trial, tribulation, success and joyful moment. Life is too short to let what happen to you to control you. It may be hard to let it go, but for every disappointment, think of something that you are grateful for. Or, think of something you do well. Or think of a success you have had. Or…you get the picture.

Having an “attitude of gratitude” means so much to your overall outlook on life. Can’t think of anything to be thankful for? I’ll give you 10 that probably apply to you…
1. You woke up today
2. You can see this
3. You can hear
4. You can taste your food
5. You actually have food to eat
6. You are functioning and in your right mind
7. You can talk
8. You can walk
9. At least one person in this world loves you
10. If nothing else, God loves you!

So as you can see, I came up with 10 things in less than 2 minutes. Just imagine if you spent 3 minutes or 5 minutes listing all the things that you are thankful for! I hope you take a moment to sit back, and realize all of the things (no matter what you are going through) that you can be thankful for!

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